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What Makes us Unique:

Premier Formulas strives to bring you only the absolute best in health supplements, foods, beauty supplies, and even supplements for your pets.

Because Premier Formulas was founded by a naturopathic physician, we can sell brands that were traditionally only available in your doctor’s office. Now, you can purchase your favorite and most trusted products from the comfort of home or anywhere you have your mobile device.

Our focus is selling what the industry terms “professional-grade supplements.” These brands have gone above and beyond the basic FDA requirements for manufacturing supplements. They each have their own in-house stringent operating procedures for producing the best possible products on the market.

Brands such as Pure EncapsulationsMetagenics, Thorne ResearchProThera, and Wise Woman Herbals make up just a few of the most popular supplement lines. We also offer a great assortment of Chinese herbal products, including those by trusted brands Kan HerbsJade Woman Herbals, and TCMzone.

For your personal and body care, we offer the best in class with WeledaDesert EssenceBanyan Botanicals, and the W.S. Badger Company, just to name a few.

Of course, we have not forgotten about your pets. They are very important too! Vetri-ScienceNordic Naturals, and Kan Herbs are a few of the more popular sellers here.

The second major difference between us and the other guys? We publish health and medical articles written by doctors. Since we are all about preventative medicine, our current writing staff is only comprised of naturopathic physicians, experts at natural medicine.

Please head to our Health Resources page to view our current articles. We truly hope you will find something that will aid you or someone you love on your path to health and wellness.

Always feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing or if there are any topics you would like to see us write about. We are more than happy to do our best to help you achieve your best!