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Desert Essence

For over 40 years, Desert Essence has been an oasis for skin, hair, bath and body and dental care. It was founded in 1978 to promote the myriad benefits of jojoba oil & Aloe vera. This was the first ever brand to introduce Australian tea tree oil to the United States market. Since then, they have expanded out to present additional natural and organic beauty care products specifically formulated to improve the lifestyles of today’s most health-conscious consumers. Desert Essence got its name from the source of its ingredients – the desert. Nutrient-rich desert botanicals like the jojoba plant are the main material of this brand’s array of products. Acclaimed in native cultures for their healing properties, their naturally effective products are at work creating a harmonious balance with your body to soothe, nurture, and restore. Desert Essence makes every effort every day to guarantee that all aspects of the brand reflect their unyielding commitment to make the planet healthy. They source natural and organic ingredients from all over the world. They work with a federation of Australian plantation farmers who have signed a pledge not to use any artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Furthermore, they do not perform animal testing. Desert Essence promises to discover further natural ingredients and offer more amazing products, bringing their benefits of healing, beauty, and renewal to the world.