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Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals was founded in 1995 when Joar Opheim from the Arctic Norway came to the United States and realized that the pure and clean omega-rich cod liver oil that is abundantly available for Norwegian’s good health was not accessible here. It became his drive to share the goodness of pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients. In addition to producing the safest, most potent and effective dietary supplements, Nordic Naturals is also committed to supporting local and global organizations that are creating a positive impact on the environment. This company only uses fish oils that are Friends of the Sea (FOS) Certified, to guarantee that they only use fish that come from fisheries that have firm standards for fishing processes, bycatch reduction and social accountability. Their LEED Gold-certified headquarters in California is strict in reducing carbon footprints, and their plant in Arctic Norway uses power from unused fats from the process of producing the fish oil (very cool!). Nordic Naturals is guided by research. They use nutrients that are proven effective by independent studies. In fact, the brand is commonly selected by institutions like UCLA, Stanford and many others for their clinical studies. Nordic Naturals’ fish oils are bottled fresh in an oxygen-free and nitrogen-rich environment. They guarantee that all their products are non-GMO and free of gluten, dairy, unnecessary flavors, colors and preservatives. You can start a healthy lifestyle by trying the brand’s ProOmega® 2000, ProDHA 1000, Arctic Cod Liver Oil, ProOmega-D® and more.

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