About Us


Premier Formulas was founded by my wife and me. I am a naturopathic doctor, and she is a yoga instructor and author extraordinaire. As you can see from our picture, we are all about family! We are also all about lots of other things such as leading healthy lifestyles (that definitely includes the occasional pizza for a happy spirit!), working out, educating and helping you find the best quality supplements available.

Premier Formulas is all about high-quality vitamins and supplements. We find the best products and bring them all to one place to make your shopping experience easier. Whether you’re buying vitamins, supplements, or products to care for your body, you can find all of this online at our store. Every product we carry is manufactured with the strictest guidelines in the industry. There is no animal testing or any of that craziness with our beauty products either.

We are also about customer service and making sure you have a great experience with us. After all, you are the one putting food on our tables. We try to give you as many ways as possible to contact us should you need to, or want to (we’re great conversationalists).

Premier Formulas is about giving back and standing up for what we believe in. That’s why we give 5 percent of all profits to Polaris Project, a non-profit organization that works to end human trafficking. They use 90 percent of all donations towards their cause, and we feel they are deserving of our money.

To find all of your vitamins and supplements shop online at the supplement store that strives to offer the best.

You can find out more about them here: https://polarisproject.org/

Healthy and Happy Living, Dr. Michael and Jessica Freedman