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Metagenics Health and Nutrition Supplements

What do you get when you combine nearly 40 years of commitment to exceptional quality supplements and scientific discovery with consistency as an industry leader in functional nutrition? You get Metagenics. Metagenics has been a groundbreaking innovator in the health and medical industry since they first launched the exclusive, scientifically-demonstrated probiotic strain Lactobacillus Acidophilus NCFM®‡ in 1983. Nearly four decades later, they uphold their elite status in health supplementation and continue to lead the industry and evolve the future of clinical nutrition. Vitamins, Probiotics and supplements for optimal health across the United States.

A Trusted Brand In The Health and Supplements Market

Metagenics practitioner partnerships are one of the key roles in preserving their edge. They have the ability to reach out to institutions, homes and individuals on a massive scale through these long-lasting partnerships with trusted health practitioners all around the world. The company has more than 100,000 core practitioner-customer partnerships worldwide and the number continues to increase. Metagenics is a trusted brand to more than 20 countries around the globe, which rely on its products to support their health. Purposes for products may vary with conditions and may range depending on the product but each supplement is tested and quality is assured.

Health benefits and vitamin supplements are a major contribution of Metagenics to the world has been successful because of its strong foundation. It all starts with the people working behind the brand’s name. A group of people of 137 strong work globally as the company’s staff in the clinical and scientific department to authenticate the effectiveness of Metagenics products. These people behind the company’s success and are the instrument for their triumph in creating 300 scientific formulations, 67 approved patents for diverse nutritional solutions, formulating 6 trademarked medical foods and 87 research publications indexed on Pub Med with 2 that were issued in the year 2016 in the famed “Journal of the American Medical Association”.

Research and Science For Better Nutrition

As a brand that pursues innovation and advancements, Metagenics does not settle for what is present and working. The company incessantly invests in research studies to continue evolving and sustaining its leadership. In 2016, the company expended $7 million for proprietary research and development. They have extended boundaries and reached out to top-level organizations to work on groundbreaking research and explore and pursue innovation in the health and clinical nutrition industry. On the list of institutions that Metagenics partners with are Harvard Medical School, Canadian College of Natural Medicine, University of North Carolina, Oregon Health and Science University, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Mercy Health Hospitals, Joslin Diabetes and Harvard University, Erasmus Medical Center, Brandeis University, UC San Francisco, Queen Mary University, Cleveland Clinic, Bastyr University, UC San Diego and National College of Natural Medicine.

Nutrition, Health and a Better Diet with Natural Health Supplements From Metagenics

Furthermore, the excellence that Metagenics diligently works for does not stop and stay within the brand. They are generous in sharing the knowledge and continually educate their partner practitioners. The company provides educational programs, strategic partnerships and tools to empower health practitioners. They host webinars, seminars, special events and dinners as well as round table workshops. Metagenics also offers annual fellowships for naturopathic colleagues and 5 healthcare disciplines supported by complimentary accredited continuing education units.


Research and Development To Provide Solutions For Optimal Nutrition

Through their extensive effort in research and development, Metagenics has developed numerous formulations and supplements that are available worldwide. In 1984, they were the first to deliver Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Concentrate for bone support. They introduced the bioavailable folate L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate in the market in 2002, created Estrovera®, featuring ERr 731®, which they successfully demonstrated clinically to reduce menopausal hot flashes by 75% in 2010. Moreover, the brand launched PhytoMulti®, featuring a proprietary blend of concentrated extracts and phytonutrients, Mega 10, an omega 7 + 3 combination, Ultra Glucose Control Medical Food, which is created specifically for the nutritional management of glucose response. They also manufacture SPM Active, which is the first product to deliver standardized levels of Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs), SKRMs (XNT ProMatrix®), and PreBiome 2′-FL™, a nature-identical HMO prebiotic, featured in UltraGI Replenish. Some of their top products are Metagenics – OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 720, D3 10,000 with K2 – Vitamin D Supplement – 10,000 IU, D3 5000™ – Vitamin D Supplement 5,000 IU (325 mcg), Metagenics – UltraFlora® Balance, PhytoMulti® Without Iron, Metagenics Ultrameal Rice, and Mag Glycinate™.

The brand manufactures and delivers products in safe, consistent and dependable nutritional solutions that work. Metagenics is known for sourcing the most premium ingredients and continuous cutting-edge testing. For all raw material that Metagenics sources, they require much more than a Certificate of Analysis from the supplier before accepting the ingredient to be used in one of their products. They have a highly trained, in-house R&D team that specializes in nutritional supplementation ingredients testing. They take pride in the 70 globally dedicated QC/QA staff and they spend $1,500,000 annually on quality testing. Each batch of capsule, tablet, softgel, powder and liquid consistently matches to produce pure and effective formulas. Metagenics’ labeling process starts with auditing the product supplier, gathering the ingredients, testing the ingredients, creating the test product, testing the product, and finally, creating a finished product only after everything has passed all tests. This means that the label is accurate with what goes into the formula. No sugar coating and keeping secrets to protect the patients’ health.

Metagenics also provides quality health supplements for kids. MetaKids nutrition powder offers a healthy source of protein for kids. Or for women looking for a calcium supplement look at Mag Citrate. Or checkout the Metagenics BioSom DHEA spray for those looking for a spray rather than taking pills

Increase Health With Metagenics Supplements

Consumer Safety and Visibility With Metagenics Products

Information about consumer safety is available to check on each bottle of Metagenics products through TruQuality, which offers the very-first platform of its kind, granting full visibility to testing information for every single batch the brand makes. You just need to enter the lot number on their website to access the quality testing information. The brand consciously stays at the forefront of emerging science to deliver innovative formulas that set the standard. This is what you can expect from a brand that have set the bar high for themselves and for the industry. It is how they show that they deeply value patient care.

A Natural Way To Better Health

Metagenics offers 350 gluten-free, 310 non-GMO, and 120 vegetarian products. Doses vary per health product and dosing instructions are included on product packaging. They do not use artificial colors or sweeteners and are GMP Certified. The brand is environmentally conscious and doing their part to provide a sustainable future. They put effort on a Zero Water Footprint, they use marketing materials that are made with post-consumer waste, they have LEED-Certified Facilities, such as the company’s headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA. LEED certification is awarded to buildings that use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, the company recycles 38 tons of waste annually.

Healthy Diet and Nutrition

Social Responsibility At Metagenics

Metagenics’ social responsibility also stretches out to supporting global communities. The company supports numerous organizations and programs. Their donations to Vitamin Angels support 100,000 children annually. Metagenics also partnered with Families Forward and was able to donate more than 150 boxes of food in 2015. Their partnership with One Warm Coat has made it possible to give sufficient coats and funds to more than 6,700 families in North America. Additionally, they have provided more than 200,000 nutrition bars to charitable organizations to fight hunger.

The Metagenics Brand For Healthy Supplements

These major contributions in quality health products and more make Metagenics a trusted brand that makes a difference. We can expect that this brand will sustain and keep up with the evolving needs of its consumers, practitioner partners and the world.