Right now, chances are, if you’re concerned about your health, fitness, and well-being, you are taking great pride in making sure that all the ingredients you put into your body are as natural as possible.

You load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, eat plenty of lean protein, and make sure that your healthy fat intake is where it needs to be. Every so often though, you do allow yourself a treat with your plan. After all, it’s all about the 90/10 rule, right?

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging from time to time, what many people are not aware of is the fact that there are certain substances in some foods that could be killing you slowly.

That’s right. Food companies do not always have your best interests in mind and this is a picture perfect example of that.

Recently an FDA registered food safety laboratory tested some of the best selling snack foods out there and found that there was a shockingly high level of residue from the weed killer glyphosate in these foods. Traditionally, you may know this from the Roundup, Rodeo, or Pondmaster herbicides as it is found in all of these products. And we aren’t just talking a tiny trace amount here either. We’re talking about over 1000 times what would be considered the amount to pose a threat to human health.

This is a breaking story, but it’s currently being covered up by mainstream media. Until now….

Here’s what you need to know.

The Problem With Glyphosate

Apart from the fact that common sense should essentially tell you this substance is a poison, there are some real serious problems with consuming this in your diet.

First, there is research out there that notes a direct correlation between consumption of Glyphosate with the incidence rates of cancer. As cancer is one of the leading causes of death today, it’s clearly something you need to do all you can to prevent. Even the World Health Organization’s team of cancer experts are noting that this substance is noted to be a human carcinogen.

On top of that, it’ll also cause endocrine disruptions in your body as well. This essentially means that it can impact the natural production of hormones that your body needs to stay alive and well. When hormones are not optimized as they should be, this can lead to a number of unwanted issues such as obesity, diabetes, as well as the early onset of puberty in children. We are seeing our kids maturing at younger and younger ages as time goes on and this could be a very large reason why.

Another serious issue with this substance is the fact that it kills off the good, healthy bacteria in your gut. It’s important that you are focusing on sustaining a decent level of good probiotics on a daily basis as these not only work to strengthen your immune system, but also keep digestion running smoothly and can enhance your overall well-being.

Those who do not possess sufficient levels of probiotics are at a higher risk for a weakened immune system along with inflammation and digestive troubles.

How Glyphosate Is Entering Our Systems

So how is this harmful, toxic substance coming into our diets? The fact is that it’s being found in so much of our environment today – the water, soil, and air that it’s nearly impossible to escape.

With the ongoing use of GMO’s as well, this is only contributing to the problem as many of these GMO’s are actually becoming resistant to glyphosate. This makes it one of the most used herbicides available in today’s times. Unfortunately, you can’t just wash it off the plants either – it actually will soak right into the plant itself so when you eat those plants, you are taking it in.

Now, in the tests that were performed, it was seen that glyphosate was most found in snack foods like Oreo’s, Dorito’s, Lay’s, Triscuit crackers, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Cheez It’s, and many other products of a similar nature.

Does this mean if you avoid these, you are safe?

Not so. The really scary thing is that this harmful toxin is actually making its way into all our fridge and freezers with many of the organic and non-GMO foods we are purchasing. There are literally thousands of different foods out there that it’s impossible to test each and every one to find out if there are traces of this harmful substance being found in it.

The company leading the way with the production of glyphosate herbicide is clearly raking in the money as it’s the top selling pesticide out there. As such, they have the money to influence government officials over what they are or aren’t telling the public. This is putting you, the consumer, at great risk.

So what can be done?

Protecting Yourself

Sadly, few people are out there to protect you. Both the EPA as well as the FDA are being swayed by these major herbicide production companies and are keeping information under wraps that really should be released to the public. Information like the fact that this harmful toxin is actually found in foods that should be particularly safe such as baby food. Did you know that you could be unknowingly poisoning your baby in his or her very early months?

It’s time to take control yourself. No one else is going to protect you, so it’s up to you to do the work instead. The best way to avoid consuming glyphosate is by focusing on eating as many certified organic crops as possible. This herbicide is prohibited on organic crops, so it’s the best way to keep the threat of it to your health down.

The best way of eliminating the chemicals that are already in your body is to supplement with a high-quality detoxification aid, such as this one here.

No matter how much you want to reward yourself with a treat and eat something that isn’t, ask yourself, is it really worth the health risk to do so? Based on this information, I think not.