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Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health’s story started in 1992 on the second floor of a barn in Great Valley, NY. It was founded by Mark Timon who took a risk and manufactured the first 500 jars of Green Vibrance. Originally, it included 38 ingredients that were intended to support detoxification with antioxidant protection and micronutrition. For more than 25 years, Vibrant Health has been consistently dedicated in providing award-winning products to its consumers. They are proud of the process that this family of products rigorously undergoes to ensure maximum quality and potency. From sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, Vibrant Health always puts the consumer’s health first. They carefully and endlessly conduct research for the finest ingredients of the best quality and source it from all over the world. Each raw material is then carefully tested and evaluated. The finished product is sent to a NELAP-accredited laboratory, an independent third-party site for testing, to ensure that the product meets safety standards. Vibrant Health is environmentally friendly and makes efforts in helping the planet with reusable shipping boxes and recyclable and recycled packaging materials. They partner with vendors who are eco-friendly and the company has a strong recycling program themselves. Check out Super Natural Boron, Green Vibrance, Spectrum Vibrance, Super Natural C and more to see the true quality that Vibrant Health offers.