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Renew Life

We are always reminded to trust our gut, but it’s not common to get the advice to take care of our gut. Renew Life founders, husband and wife team Brenda and Stan Watson, aim to help others discover their “gut potential.” Brenda, personally experienced a struggle with a chronic illness and that brought her to a realization of the amazing power of the human gut to the overall health of the human body. At least 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Using only pure, raw, all-natural ingredients, Stan started formulating their own line of digestive wellness. Then, Renew Life’s mission began in 1997. They are named as number 2 probiotic brand in the country. They take pride in their “Ultimate Flora” probiotics which contain high culture counts and multiple probiotic strains to support the good bacteria found in a naturally diverse and healthy gut. They use delayed-release capsules to help ensure more probiotics reach your gut. The supplements they carry are painstakingly tested and that includes careful analysis of the raw materials used systematic testing of the finished products to ensure they meet or exceed the potencies of their stated nutrients through the expiration date. Moreover, there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used in Renew Life’s products.