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PERQUE has been proudly serving providing the best in health supplements since 1987. The company was built by a doctor of internal medicine, pathologist, immunologist, and biochemist Dr. Russell Jaffe. PERQUE has then been developing nutritional supplements through innovation and advanced science to restore, support and improve your health. Medical practitioners and health professionals around the world trust PERQUE with their patients because of their superior standards of quality and because each of their products are guaranteed active and potent for the duration of their entire shelf life. They are transparent and provide a full disclosure of all ingredients on the label with no hidden inactive ingredients. All of PERQUE’s products are non-GMO, gluten free, yeast free, soy free, free of allergens and contaminants and they do not use MSG or preservatives. PERQUE is well known for their Activated B-12 Guard™, 2000 mcg Potent C Guard™ and their Powder Bone Guard Forté™.