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Ola Loa

Ola Loa is not your ordinary vitamin company; it’s a way of life. The company was started by Dr. Richard Kunin, MD (and orthomolecular specialist) when his son and co-founder, Gregory Kunin, was sick. Gregory was sensitive to sugar and had lead poisoning, both which caused him to get headaches. Through his father’s work in nutrition-oriented medicine, they found solutions with vitamins and changes to his diet. With that, Gregory’s life was changed for the better. Thus, Gregory dedicated himself in sharing his father’s revolutionary knowledge to the world. The Kunin’s originally designed a line of capsules that would require taking a handful of pills but later had a eureka moment and realized that making a delicious nutrient-rich drink could be a better way for people to obtain their requirements. Ola Loa’s ultimate goals are to provide scientifically developed formulas using the most up to date clinical research studies and to create vitamins that are easy and pleasant to drink. Ola Loa offers the most complete nutritional support in a powdered drink form available on the market. Drinking one packet daily makes taking your vitamins enjoyable and convenient. Ola Loa is currently available in five product formulas: Ola Loa Energy Multi Vitamin, Repair Bone-Joint Health, Kids Multi-Vitamin, Sport Hydration fuel and Hydroxycobalamin B-12 with Active Folate.