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Giovanni Cosmetics

Giovanni was founded in 1979 by pioneer Arthur Guidotti and his business partner Peter Stathis. Arthur’s son, G. James Guidotti, soon grew to be the creative to make Giovanni the first wide ranging, natural hair-care brand that grew to be the #1 selling natural products hair care line in the U.S. Arthur Guidotti started his career in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. After a while, Arthur noticed the reaction of his hands from the salon products he used. In effect, he started searching for mild and natural products that wouldn’t hurt his skin and eventually decided to create his own hair-care products. He pioneered natural hair treatment, styling aids, hair re-constructors and setting lotions. Giovanni now also offers an array of gel, mousse, hair spray, leave-in conditioners, vitamin hair treatments and hair re-constructors. All of these products are free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, propyl glycol and many other unacceptable ingredients for anyone who wants to pull off a distinctive look and style without adding toxins to their life.