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Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan

Acupuncture practitioner Efrem Korngold studied Chinese herbal theories in China and has been practicing Chinese Herbology for more than 30 years with his co-author, Harriet Beinfield. They wrote the best-selling book, Between Heaven and Earth, used in many Chinese medical schools across the globe. Chinese Modular Solutions is an integration of 30 formulas that concentrate the practice of traditional herbalism and able practitioners to produce tailored formulas that can be easily used. Kan in Chinese means a shrine or a cabinet where noble substances are kept. Kan Herb Company is passionate and devoted to developing the application of Chinese herbology in the West.  They offer unparalleled herbal products that are pure and effective. Kan thoroughly tests all Chinese herbs they import and manufacture in their California facility, surpassing Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). They also provide certificate of analysis for every product they make that can be found here: Every module matches to a definite aim – tone Qi, diffuse moisture, flush out heat, support lung and many more. From their Comfort Shen to their Strengthen Earth formula, CMS products are well-designed and extremely realistic. Chinese Modular Solutions defend and make the art of Chinese traditional herbology simple.