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Amrita Aromatherapy

Amrita Aromatherapy offers the largest collection of USDA certified organic essential oils in the world. This brand was founded by a celebrated ayurvedic expert on essential oils, Dr. Christopher Streicher. He specializes in essential oils for healing and skin care, developing and offering products for holistic healing & well-being. Each of Amrita’s products addresses a specific health problem (such as their Breathe Easy formula) and only incorporates or blends essential oils that are compatible to create a balance. They only use pure and all-natural ingredients in manufacturing their products. They have been doing this since 1989. Amrita’s essential oils come from plants that were grown by the top cultivars in the most favorable climatic and soil environments. The plants are prepared properly then the oils are extracted with a chemical-free low-heat methodology. Amrita’s wide array of products are certified organic and have been confirmed by third party controllers to be in accordance with USDA/NOP standards.