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A. Vogel

Founded by Alfred Vogel, Switzerland’s most celebrated naturopath and herbalist, A. Vogel is a brand that celebrates nature’s bounty. They take pride in producing valuable natural cures, excellent food and supplements made from freshly yielded plants and organic raw materials. A. Vogel stands on, and is guided by, the foundation encompassed with the 8 Principles of Alfred Vogel: 1. Nature and the quality of life, 2. Health care, 3. It’s (your health) up to you. 4. Balance as a principle of life, 5. Respect and sympathy, 6. The urge to heal is a law of nature, 7. The holistic principle and 8. The power of love. According to Vogel, nature offers all we need to take care of our body and it is up to us how to make use of what was given us. A. Vogel is a firm believer of environmental stability. They exclusively create products by means of methods that are natural with a sustainable approach to natural resources. They wholly use certified organic raw material developed in healthy soil with extracts from newly harvested plants. The brand promises to incessantly formulate and develop fresh ideas and new products that are efficient natural medicines and healthy, nutritious food registered with the medicinal regulatory authorities. From their Soothing Pine Cough Drops to their Echinacea Force Liquid, you can’t go wrong.

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