Ocudyne 200 caps

Product Description
Ocudyne 200 caps

Formulated to optimize homeostasis in the eyes to enhance their protection against light.

This formulation provides comprehensive nutritional support for the eyes. The tissues of the eye are subject to free radical-mediated damage from light, and Ocudyne contains key antioxidant nutrients in combination with bioflavonoids from standardized Bilberry and Ginkgo biloba extracts, together with amino acids, minerals and other nutrients.

Per 8 capsules:
A 7500 IU
Beta-carotene 25000 IU
B1 20 mg
B2 25mg
B3 (niacinimide) 50 mg
B3 (niacin) 10 mg
B5 100mg
B6 30mg
Folic Acid 800 mcg
B12 50 mcg
C 500 mg
E 400 IU
N-acetyl cysteine 250 mg
Bilberry extract 40 mg
Gingko Biloba extract 60 mg
Quercetin bioflavonoid 300 mg
L-taurine 500 mg
Calcium 100 mg
Magnesium 250 mg
L-methionine 200 mg
Glutamic acid 50 mg
Glycine 50 mg
Copper 3 mg
Selenium 200 mcg
Zinc 50 mg

Other Ingredients:
stearic acid

Suggested Use:
2 to 4 caps 2 times a day with meals. Do NOT exceed.