Immuno Gland Plex 60 caps

Product Description
Immuno Gland Plex 60 caps
Organic Glandular

Bovine adrenal 125 mg
Ovine thymus 125 mg
Porcine pancreas 125 mg
Bovine spleen 125 mg

Suggested Use:
1 cap 1-3 times daily with meals

Glandular tissues can be rich sources of nutrients, enzymes, hormone precursors and other factors that support specific gland related metabolism and physiological function. When prepared with sufficient technical sophistication and sensitivity to their delicate nature, some of these glandulars can retain a significant portion of their biological activity. ARG's glandular products are produced from organically grown, range grazed animals from New Zealand. These glandulars are lyophilized (freeze-dried) according to individualized procedures so as to best preserve the natural makeup of the original gland. They are highly potent yet well tolerated.