Pet Odor Shampoo 16 oz

Product Description
Odor Shampoo for Pets 16 fl oz

Naturally helps eliminate odors and objectional smells. pH neutral

Pets are ?great, ?but ?sometimes ?their ?smell ?is not. Biodegradable and concentrated, Al Terrain's Odor Shampoo helps eliminate odors and objectional smells from pets, naturally.

Directions: Wet. the coat completely with warm water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. Lather wel into coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Ingredients: ?Purified ?water, sodium ?coco ?sulphate, coco betaine, laurel glucoslde, antium dioxide, sea salt, eucalyptus/spearmint/geranium/clove extracts, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Warning: Avoid contact with pets' eyes. ?In case of contact, flush with water.