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The thyroid gland is vital for the creation of hormones that regulate your metabolism, which is the speed your cells work. Conditions such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can lead to too much, or too little hormone secretion into your bloodstream. By purchasing a Premier Formulas high quality thyroid supplement, you can support your thyroid gland and help reduce, or prevent the development of thyroid related problems. Our supplements are sourced from the leading brands, guaranteeing that all products are made with the highest quality ingredients. The most common nutrients found in our supplements include vitamin D, iodine, tyrosine and zinc plus tons of great supporting herbs!

76 Results
  • Aqua Sel 1/2 oz
  • BioThyro 60 caps
  • Fucus Complex 1.7 oz
  • Out of stock
    Hypo-Selenium 200 mcg 90 tabs
  • i-Throid 12.5mg 90vcaps
  • i-Throid 6.25mg 90vcaps
  • Out of stock
    Iodine 100 caps
  • Iodine 30 caps
  • Iodine and Tyrosine 120 vcaps
  • Iodine and Tyrosine 60 vcaps
  • Iodine Complex 12.5 mg 90 caps
  • Iodine Complex 6.25 mg 90 caps
76 Results