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Dr. Tori Hudson, the first woman to ultimately become a full professor of naturopathic medicine at an accredited university in the U.S., founded Vitanica 24 years ago with one vital purpose. She wanted to provide natural health care for women. Dedicating herself to women’s health for over 34 years, Dr. Hudson realized that specific and focused health support for the elaborate and exclusive needs of women was lacking. That pushed her to create Vitanica. She started developing supplements for women, and with the help of her partner, today Vitanica offers over 80 products and is well known as the leader in women’s supplementation. The brand is passionate about creating pure, effective and natural dietary supplements. They do this by working in accord with principles that serve as a guide to formulate products that are high-quality and potent but do not contribute to toxicity of the body. They use the correct effective dosages and gather premium grade organic or wildcrafted herbs to maximize therapeutic benefit. All ingredients are scrutinized under rigorous testing for identity, purity, and quality. The brand’s products are vegetarian suitable, with plant-based capsules. Furthermore, Vitanica owns third-party certified facilities, is FDA registered and meet all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards set forth by the FDA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Vitanica products include Iron Extra, Adrenal Assist™, Fem Rebalance, Chaste Tree Berry, Yeast Arrest™ and CandidaStat.