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Thorne Research

For over 30 years, Thorne Research been a leader in the field of nutritional supplementation. Not only are their products based off extensive clinical research and medical literature, they collaborate with many of the very institutions performing the trials such as the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University and MD Anderson Center. From these relationships, they have currently have over 40 products in clinical trials around the world. From studies like these, LipoCardia®, Methyl-Guard Plus® and Choleast™ Red Yeast Rice were all developed. On top of this, they have a very stringent ingredient sourcing and testing process. They currently test for 760 unique contaminants in their products as part of their 4-round testing procedure, ensuring purity in all of their products. Their facilities are GMP, TGA and NSF certified and they partner with 12 U.S. national teams, including the U.S. Hockey, Soccer and Triathlon teams! Their unacceptable ingredients list contains items such as artificial sweeteners, titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate. See here for a complete list.