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Theramedix BioSET™ was launched in 2005 and merged with BioSET in 2012. Theramedix BioSET provides some of the best professional-strength vegetarian enzymes on the market. The BioSET system works with the knowledge that the brain and gut are connected. Their enzymes provide complete digestion of foods, helping to improve digestion and eliminate food allergies, which often cause autoimmune diseases and other illnesses. They provide allopathic, complementary and alternative medical practitioners with a proven, pure and highly active line of enzymes. These health practitioners come from various backgrounds such as acupuncture, nutrition, nursing, and natural health care use Theramedix BioSET products to help their patients achieve optimum levels of health and wellness. Their commitment to excellence, partnered with the strict standard that they follow in manufacturing, is a huge factor in successfully delivering their ultimate goal of providing well-researched and well-documented products and information to help educate as many people as possible on the benefits of enzymes for maintaining and promoting optimal health. They produce fantastic health supplements such as Super Strength Digestion, Fat High Lipase Digestion, Serratio, Candida Plus 913 mg and Gastro Calm.