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Rainbow Light Nutrition

In 1981, Rainbow Light was founded in Santa Cruz, California. It was the result of an effort of a dedicated group of passionate individuals to provide nutritional supplements created from nature’s abundance. They offered spirulina as their first product and the name Rainbow Light came from the colors of the rainbow that spirulina creates when seen under a light spectrophotometer. Today, spirulina remains an ingredient in all of Rainbow Light’s products together with specialized formulations of other superfoods to create truly remarkable products. Because of their innovative products, the brand was named as the #1 Most Trusted Natural Vitamin Brand according to the independent study of Wiest & Co. in 2014. They only use clinically researched ingredients that are thoroughly tested in their own testing and production facility in Sunrise, Florida. They create nutritional supplements that are above and beyond the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) set forth by the FDA and use certified organic and non-GMO ingredients wherever they can, following the National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines. In their efforts to support malnourished pregnant women worldwide, they have donated over 69 million prenatal multivitamin tablets to over 383,000 women. They continue to do so at a rate more than 4 million tablets per year and have expanded the program to include children’s multivitamins as well. They’re most popular products include Women’s One™ Multivitamin, Prenatal One High Potency Multivitamin and their Probiolicious Plus Gummies.