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Quality of Life Labs

From its beginning in 1998, Quality of Life Labs has been steadfast with its mission to provide American consumers with access to AHCC, the brands proprietary medicinal mushroom extract, and other life-changing nutraceutical ingredients. After a decade, the brand has been at the top in bringing scientifically backed ingredients from all over the world in finished product form. A multi-awarded company, two of Quality of Life’s products have won the NutrAward for “Best Finished Products of the Year”. In 2002, AHCC® patented medicinal mushroom extract won as the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement. In 2010, VitaPQQ® followed in its footsteps. It was the first dietary supplement ever to feature the newly discovered antioxidant PQQ, which preserves mitochondrial function in cells. These are just a few ways that Quality of Life has proved they are a leader in their field. What sets Quality of Life apart is that they use scientifically researched ingredients for specific health conditions and formulate them into products consistent with effective dosages. Not all formulas on the market use meaningful dosages of key ingredients. Make sure your supplements do.