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Progressive Labs

Progressive Labs’ main priority is the needs of the patients of the health practitioners that they partner with. That is the reason why they depend only on science-based methods in their formulation and production methods. The company was founded by a nutritionist in 1972 with a strong desire to support his patients’ desire for optimal health. Progressive Labs’ mission is “to apply the growing body of nutrition science as it applies to health and wellness to produce the finest targeted nutrient and botanical formulations in the world.” With this mission in mind, they work only the finest ingredients that come from the exact same suppliers providing the products used in the clinical research proving their efficacy. Everything is produced in their certified GMP, FDA approved facilities. All ingredients are tested, and certificate of analysis reports are provided to all health practitioners for their inspection. Equipped with passion and the best ingredients, Progressive Laboratories continuously innovates and develops products that would enhance, support and improve every health practitioner’s ability to successfully improve their patients’ health. The brand is known for its signature products Astaxanthol, Cardio Pro, Gastro Pro, Gly-Control, Lipid Balance.