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Professional Botanicals

Professional Botanicals has been a name trusted for health and wellness for more than 38 years. Locally owned and founded in Ogden, Utah, the company was started by the Millet family in 1980. Since then, it has been operated by three generations of Millet family. The brand has built a great reputation by creating powerful nutritional products. Providing natural and whole products, the company is a firm believer of the natural approach as the key to optimum health and wellness. They work on educating and spreading the word to individuals and families of the importance and benefits of fine and pure ingredients for a better life, body and mind. Professional Botanicals creates and develops only premium formulas that have undergone and passed through and precise quality testing to ensure consumers receive the safest and most beneficial plants, vitamins, herbs and minerals essential for good health. All raw materials that Professional Botanicals uses are naturally and ethically sourced. They manufacture and distribute in the USA and each formulation is distinctively created by team of researchers, herbalists, nutritionists and practicing physicians. They have Kidney Support, Cardio+CoQ 475 mg, Lymph Detox, Vegie Zymes, Ligatone/Joint Complex, ADR Complex and Total Weight Off, to name a few.