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Priority One Vitamins

Formed in 1948, Priority One is a family-owned company with three generations working hand in hand since 1988. This brand owns a cGMP facility registered with the FDA and are certified for manufacturing nutritional supplements by the State of Washington and over 10 foreign countries. They practice rigorous testing utilizing the National Science Foundation (NSF)-designed hazard analysis program on all raw materials that they use, to assess possible risks from microbial, environmental and even radiation. Ingredient identification is achieved with near-Infrared spectroscopy. With labeling, Priority one is conscientious that they comply with the CGMP guidelines. They have a team dedicated to monitor the labels to ensure the accuracy and transparency of all ingredients. Priority One’s mission statement is “Never trade your morals for your goals.”, believing that principles and ethics should always come first. In that way, you will feel greatly satisfied and fulfilled with your accomplishments. They are proud that their products that help so many medical practitioners and their patients. They have Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced, Super Bio Vegetarian (a favorite), Thyroid 65 mg, Magnesium Orotate, Anxiety Balance™, Lithium Organic and so much more.