Primavera Life

Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nübling, co-founders of Primavera, have dedicated their company to the responsible development, sustainable production and ethical cultivation of natural health care products. They demand sustainable ecological cultivation projects and fair-trade practice from their farming partners. Primavera is proud to be awarded the Green Brand of Germany award for the third time, recognizing their improvements to sustainability ecology. From farming to packaging, Primavera proves this dedication, sourcing over 140 organic ingredients from 13 farm partners around the world. In addition, over 90% of their products are vegan. Their finished products are packaged sustainably with their green and brown glass bottles coated with a layer of eco-friendly UV protection varnish. This extra protection guarantees long shelf life of the products without additional packaging. They also use recyclable bottles and synthetic tubes made of recycled plastics, recycled paper and printed with chemical-free ecological printing ink. Their quality control is unprecedented and can trace every herb in their products back to the seed the plant came from. They hand blend every product they have and only use whole plant formulas, not standardized extracts, believing that the entire plant has healing properties stronger than any one part. Some of their more popular products include: Revitalizing Face Scrub, Moisturizing Protective Lotion and Energizing Deodorant. Try some for yourself and experience the difference.

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