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Physician’s Strength

Physician’s Strength is widely known for wild spice oil technology. This company specializes in powerful antiseptic oils. Holistic practitioners who seek effective alternatives to offer to their patients seek at Physician’s Strength. Physician’s Strength sources only 100% wild, mountain-grown spices. The formulations that they use in creating these supplements are based on innovative research studies performed in leading universities including Georgetown University. Physicians Strength creates remarkable supplements without using excipients, fillers, and flow agents. The raw materials that they include come from remote sources, handpicked by herbalists using responsible wildcrafting techniques. These wild-source supplements present the purest, finest and most potent ingredients and are minimally processed. Physician’s Strength also specializes in whole food supplements including Potent-C, Potent-B and PolarVite- all free from coal, tar and petrol derivatives that many store brands use in professing and manufacturing. Other well-known Physician’s Strength products include 100% Wild Oil of Oregano™, Wild Cilantro/Coriander Oil, Oregacillin™, SinuClenz, AdrenoPower and Infla Ex.