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Montiff’s mission is to create excellent quality dietary supplements to help the healthcare industry in supporting the health of consumers and patients and to reduce the risk of free radical damage. Don Tyson, the founder and president, started the company in 1999 with this goal in mind. Acknowledged as an expert in the field of amino acids, Tyson has a degree in medical technology and humbly started his profession with the American Red Cross, where he was introduced to ion-exchange chromatography. There, he recognized that a significant key to health and nutrition is amino acid technology. In developing their formulations, each ingredient that Montiff sources is tested and carefully checked for quality and purity. Montiff is diligent in manufacturing only the best quality products so that their customers will always feel safe that they are consuming supplements that live up to the high standards that Montiff has built their reputation on. The brand’s front-line health supplements include: Montiff Amino Starter, Pure L-Serine, ATP, Pure Taurine and Pure L-Lysine, to name a few.