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Metagenics Products

Founded in 1983, Metagenics started with their first probiotic product and has since become a leader in the field of health supplementation. They live and breathe the science of nutrigenomics (the study of food influencing genetic expression). Having a strong commitment to scientific research, they work with many universities, including Harvard University and UC San Francisco, to find better supplementation solutions. From these relationships, they have established over 87 published research studies! From these studies, they have achieved 67 patented products such as their Phytomulti, Estrovera, SPM Active, and UltraMeal, to name a few. Numerous medical foods have also been developed that help over 100,000 physicians across 20 countries lead their patients to better health. Metagenics has established 350 certified gluten free products, 120 vegetarian products and 310 non-GMO products, all without using artificial sweeteners or colors. Their facilities are GMP certified, all ingredients are lab tested and they support 100,000 children annually through the Vitamin Angels non-profit organization.

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