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Living Nature

New Zealand’s local plants that can heal skin conditions were Suzanne Hall’s inspiration to build Living Nature. Living Nature is proudly New Zealand’s first certified natural skincare company. New Zealand is a country with a distinct natural landscape. Since it has been remote for 80 million years, 80% of its plants are indigenous and have amazingly unique properties. Some of the more powerful ones that they use and call their “hero ingredients” are Harakeke Flax Gel, Totarol, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, Hallo Clay, and Kelp. They combine these ingredients and create a quantity of the safest, purest and most helpful and effective validated natural skincare in the world. Every raw material from the powerful plants are carefully tested for purity and safety. At the present, Living Nature has a strong base in New Zealand and sells to other 14 countries. They have loyal distributors in UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong.