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In 2000, Hyalogic introduced its flagship and pioneer product: hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a special lubricating molecule that is naturally found in practically all parts of the human body. It especially keeps the joints healthy, cushioned and movable and the skin moisturized. The company was founded by three friends, two of which were respiratory therapists and wanted to use hyaluronic acid to help their patients, as HA also supports healthy cartilage such as in the trachea and bronchial tubes. Hyalogic pioneered the manufacturing of the first ever oral liquid hyaluronic acid as a supplement. Soon after, a demand for hyaluronic acid mixed in shampoo, lip balm, creams, lotions and more emerged. Today, Hyalogic offers more than 50 hyaluronic acid products. They create these products using the five-stage process they developed called Hyalock: 1. Non-animal derived vegan friendly HA. 2. Ingredient compatibility testing. 3. Preservative compatibility testing. 4. Product quality control testing. 5. Finished product analysis. From their Synthovial Seven formula to their HA Collagen Peptide, all of Hyalogic’s products are Certified Vegan.