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Inspired by his decades of work and expertise gained at Western Agri-Management Inc., where he helped develop projects for agriculture in over 60 countries, Karl Schakel Sr. started Heritage together with co-founder Wayne Harding. They are committed not only to products that fulfill universal needs for every man, woman and child but also to fulfill the need for financial security and an opportunity for their personal dreams. This idea, along with their dedication to quality, has flourished the company well and grew them to revenues of tens of millions of dollars in just a few short years. Heritage has tens of thousands of distributors from 20 different countries that has sold millions of bottles of 30 different natural health products and witnessed real results of well-engineered nutritional designs. Thousands of distributors have gone through an extraordinary improvement in their lifestyle because of this. Even distributors in poor countries prospered where others in mainstream occupations were victims of impoverished economies. Heritage is making a difference. Heritage offers Colloidal Silver Soap, Castor Oil Roll-on, Diatomaceous Earth, Rosewater and a lot more.