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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm began its story in 1979, when founders Ed Smith and Sara Katz learned and started “wildcrafting” in Josephine County, Oregon. Using their books, they worked on classifying herbs and dedicated themselves to restoring time-honored ways of herbalism. Since then, they have been creating high quality herbal extracts using methods that sustain the health of consumers, the environment and community. Herb Pharm grows their own plants on their farm in the hills of Southern Oregon where Ed and Sara also work with farmers, interns and herbalists on their training and educational system called the Herbaculture Internship Program. As the company grew bigger, they also started sourcing herbs from around the world that are then tested to make sure that their quality of standards is met. The brands manufacture their products using more than 250 plants and have their own custom extraction process, ensuring that the herbs remain pure and of optimum quality. From their famous Original Salve to their combination herbal extractions such as Stone Breaker Compound, Herb Pharm is a name you can trust.