Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics was founded by Alicia Grande in 2008, with one introductory product, GrandeLASH-MD. She started the brand with a vision and belief that each and every woman should feel great and glamorous every day. At present, Grande Cosmetics carries more than 40 products for every woman’s lashes, hair, lips, and brows. These products create healthy and youthful looking lashes, plumper lips, bolder brows, & fuller looking hair! Grande is about “cosmetics with benefits”. The start of Grande was not grand. The brand began literally at Alicia’s kitchen table and her garage is where the shipping happened! From that humble beginning, Grande grew and bloomed into a successful and complete beauty brand. They now have a corporate headquarters and separate shipping facility. The brand adheres to a high-quality standard that guarantees their customers only the finest products available. Beauty without Bunnies, Grande does not tolerate animal cruelty. All of the brand’s line of products is PETA certified cruelty-free.  They do not use animals for testing at any point in the production or development of their products. Get your GrandeLASH-MD, GrandeMASCARA, GrandeBROW, GrandePRIMER and GrandeLIPS and empower yourself and believe in your own natural beauty.

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