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Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs is a brand with a foundation of very diverse expertise that includes herbalism, medicine, nutrition, chemistry and immense formulation experience. They are well-known for creating excellent and ground-breaking products. The founder of this brand is Kelly Goyen. With a vast herbal knowledge, he has been leading the team in producing innovative dietary formulas for over 30 years. In 2009, he released the brand’s first liposomal vitamin C. This nutritional supplement is intended to conquer the absorption restrictions of traditional vitamin C formulas on the market. Then, they introduced a liposomal multivitamin with 23 key ingredients in 2017. Dr. Kenneth Proefrock, NMD joined the epic Empirical Labs team in 2015. His experience and skills have provided a huge contribution in creating their branded quality of liposomal products, called QualiSomes. This brand brings high concentrations of liposomes per dose which combine glutathione, vitamin C, and other nutrients for the most advantageous absorption in supplements.