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In 1995, integrative medicine expert Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, Lac, founded ecoNugenics. As a highly regarded researcher, Eliaz started everything in ecoNugenics through research. It is the brand’s guiding light in its mission to provide high-value, condition-specific nutraceuticals. The supplements that ecoNugenics manufactures are all-natural, methodically researched and most recommended by health practitioners for cardiovascular nutrition, health protection, detoxification and cellular longevity. The brand’s flagship product is PectaSol-C. It is the first clinically tested Modified Citrus Pectin supplement commercially available on the market. They have combined traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine, and modern science to produce the highest quality nutraceutical supplements available. The secret in creating remarkable products starts with sourcing only the best products. Primary emphasis is placed on sourcing organically and sustainably harvested ingredients and testing them rigorously for identification and contamination. Then, all their products are manufactured above the requirements for good manufacturing guidelines (GMP) for dietary supplements, as outlined by the FDA.