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Douglas Labs

Douglas Laboratories is committed to global sustainability. The brand’s goal is to “positively influence and impact the quality of health of those in need, in both the developing world and the communities in which we live and work”. For over 60 years, Douglas Labs has been a pioneer in healthy aging. It has grown as a globally renowned brand with a team of highly skilled professionals who research, develop and manufacture innovative, science-based nutritional supplements and provides customized practice support. This effort is done to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. They study their own products in thorough and meticulous clinical trials with leading academic partners like University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and Laval University in Quebec. They support the potential of both clinical practices and patients to continually perform at their personal best. Douglas Laboratories is both GMP and NSF International registered and is approved to produce NSF Certified for Sport products. Douglas Laboratories believes that healthy aging is not just living a long life. It is about opening and unleashing the potential of a healthier life. From their multivitamins to their probiotics, all of their products are non-GMO.