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A trusted brand since 1979, Bio-Design’s mission is to provide life enhancing nutritional supplements with effective results you can feel. The company has focused on supplying health professionals nutritional support that their patients need. Thus, you cannot find Bio-Design in just any store. The brand manufactures and carries a wide array of product lines that include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, targeted herbal formulas and glandular tissue concentrates. They include both single and multi-ingredient synergistic blends. These blends are clinically and scientifically backed and painstakingly formulated to support specific systemic needs as well as overall health and wellness. The natural healing force was experienced by Dr. Philip Horning himself, the Director of Bio-Design. At the young age of 29, and at the peak of his career, he was diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy did not work for him, but fortunately, his father Dr. Merritt Horning’s life work and passion provided Dr. Philip Horning with the guidance he needed to overcome the ravaging disease. With proper nutrition, exercise, stress management and trust in divine power, he has been cancer-free for over 30 years. That is what Bio-Design aims for. To provide natural supplements to make a difference and to help create a healthy world. Aloe Lax 225 mg, Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals and Vitamin D3 5000 Plus Natural MK-7 are just a few of the wonderful products in their lineup.