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For over 20 years, Bio-Kult has been dedicated in developing high-quality, ground-breaking, science-based formulations and products. They are unequaled in manufacturing probiotic bacteria products. What sets them apart is the quality assurance. The company’s facility and manufacturing site based in UK is certified to GMP standard and audited by British Standards to ISO 9001:2008. They require that all raw materials and each of the set of finished products undergo thorough inspection and scrutiny to ensure the best product throughout the production process and for the whole shelf life of the product. The Bio-Kult products are guaranteed to last and be equally effective from production until the end of its shelf life. It goes through full pharmaceutical testing in facilities controlled by humidity and temperature. Their strains are fermented on modern, fully validated machinery, handled by highly trained staff. Each product is cryo-protected and freeze dried individually to protect from the stomach’s low acidity and allows storage of the finished product under normal room temperature. These strains are measured safe by the European Qualified Presumption of Safety Committee. Furthermore, the brand keeps on innovating and carries on with their research, working with leading research centers and universities in the UK and around the world. This they do to understand further Bio-Kult aids in providing and supporting good health. Bio-Kult Multi-Strain Probiotic, Bio-Kult Infantis Probiotic and Bio-Kult Migréa Probiotic are just a few of their most popular products.