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Baar Products

Since 1986, Baar Products has been a unique resource for healthy, beauty and wellness. Baar Products is owned by husband and wife team Bruce and Kathy Baar, who are both medical professionals. Bruce is a naturopathic physician, and Kathy is a dentist who also specializes in therapeutic touch and reflexology. Together, their care and compassion create a constant influence on the services and products offered to customers and clients. With consumers in mind, the highest priority of Baar Products is the freshness and purity of the products that they manufacture. They source high quality ingredients at the best prices, which has made the brand an esteemed leader in the industry. They carry amazing product lines for hair care, skin care and beauty products that are created with unique, safe and effective ingredients, such as their Castor Oil Roll On all-natural deodorant and their Castor Oil Pack therapy kit, which was described by Edgar Cayce in his writings.