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Ayush Herbs

In 1998, four brothers from India came to America to share their knowledge of Ayurveda, to help educate the people of the incredible therapeutic power of traditional and natural medicine. The Sodhi brothers had difficulty in finding quality products when they started their Ayurvedic and naturopathic practices in the U.S. They knew that using excellent products was ultimately significant to the health of their patients and the only way to ensure the purity of the materials was to grow the herbs themselves, and so they did! Ayush Extracts herbs are cultivated in the unspoiled Himachal Pradesh region of the Himalayas. Confident in the ingredients used in their products, Ayush Extracts is known to embody quality and purity. They perfectly combine ancient Ayurvedic principles with the newest scientific technology available to grow the highest quality herbal supplements. Ayush focuses on the goal of providing healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit while remaining steadfast in using highest quality-control standards in producing herbal supplements. From their best-selling Carditone product to their Trifal Liquid, Ayush is a name you can trust.