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All Terrain

All Terrain is a brand dedicated to providing safe and effective skin protection to children and families so they can have an active life in the outdoors together, without all of the harmful chemicals. The first product of All Terrain, the highly effective and deet-free Herbal Armor Insect Repellent, was developed and created after a fateful hike of the founder in Costa Rica. The deet-based insect repellent that he was carrying leaked and spilled all over his stuff and began to melt his keys! Since then, All Terrain has created a wide array of safe and effective sunscreens, first aid products, sanitizers, medicated skin care soaps and insect repellents. Their tagline, “Protecting your outside, so you feel better inside!” says it all. All Terrain’s products have been given multiple awards for their formulas because of their safety and effectiveness. Their products are all-natural and laboratory-tested and/or field-tested. All Terrain is dedicated to getting kids active and outdoors to prevent them from having a life of obesity, diabetes and ADHD.