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Aisling Organic Cosmetics

Aisling Organic Cosmetics is proudly a female owned company. Its CEO, Krysta Lewis, had been sick for a long time and learned that one main reasons for her illness was the cosmetics that she had been using. Products that contain formaldehyde, flame retardants and heavy metals absorbed into her skin and were the root of her illness. She started her thorough research and found out that cosmetics in the market contained chemicals that had been linked to diseases such as breast cancer and infertility. Without success of finding natural cosmetics, Krysta started Aisling Organic Cosmetics. From their mascaras to their concealers, this brand only offers clean, hand-crafted cosmetics. They work with a passion and dedication to provide the best quality of all-natural products and educate women on a wholesome, clean beauty routine. They educate on the proper use and the right colors to best suit your unique face and teach women how they can use each product in a variety of ways to complete their beauty needs and promote optimal health.