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Top 11 Brain Boosters

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Our brains are pretty fabulous organs. They help us keep things on track, recognize loved ones, carry on meaningful conversations and, in actuality, run the show that makes us human. Literally, brains are awesome. I’ve given my brain quite a run for the money in my lifetime. I like to refer to my “hard drive [...]

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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine and Does it Work? An in-Depth View

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Introduction   When it comes to health and personal care, being well informed is everything. There are new fads and avenues of research everyday pointing to the next miracle cure. These can create an internet hype that makes it difficult to get a hold of the real facts behind the headlines. The practice of Chinese [...]

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Treatment Sheet- What the Experts do for Cold and Flu

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See the bottom of this article for a quick guide but come back up and read it all!   Okay, here is your down and dirty cheat sheet on how to make yourself get better fast! These are the methods and exact supplements that many naturopathic physicians use. First off, make sure you have an [...]

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Supplements for High Cholesterol

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Before we dive right in to the list of supplements, let’s talk about why we may want to lower cholesterol levels. It’s not as cut and dry as you’ve been led to believe. The general consensus in the medical community is that high LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein aka the “bad” cholesterol) causes heart attacks [...]

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Best Natural Supplements For Muscle Mass

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Flip open just about any health or fitness magazine, and you’ll find an article (or at least an ad) for increasing lean body mass. Lean body mass, or muscle mass, is not just for meatheads! While clearly, you may wish to increase muscle mass because it “looks good”, increasing muscle mass can have a [...]

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Fight Against Inflammation

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Unfortunately, inflammation is most strongly associated as a negative thing. When we think inflammation, we think red, swollen, aching and pain. Though inflammation is, in fact, a necessary component of healing. Inflammation is a process that happens in our body when our immune system is activated to fight against something that it sees as a [...]