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Best Natural Supplements For Muscle Mass

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Flip open just about any health or fitness magazine, and you’ll find an article (or at least an ad) for increasing lean body mass. Lean body mass, or muscle mass, is not just for meatheads! While clearly, you may wish to increase muscle mass because it “looks good”, increasing muscle mass can have a [...]

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Fight Against Inflammation

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Unfortunately, inflammation is most strongly associated as a negative thing. When we think inflammation, we think red, swollen, aching and pain. Though inflammation is, in fact, a necessary component of healing. Inflammation is a process that happens in our body when our immune system is activated to fight against something that it sees as a [...]

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When to Take your Supplements

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I wake up on a sunny Sunday morning, snag a cup of coffee with collagen and organic half and half, and proceed to weekly planning! It’s a common practice online, in social forums and on “the grams” to do your meal planning on Sunday, and it certainly happens at my house! In addition to meal [...]

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Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Supplement Research and Use

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Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Supplement Research and Use   Wander into your local supplement store, head to the exercise support section and you’ll find an array of exotic and fabulous sounding options purported to help you lose weight, gain muscle, enhance performance and increase your chances of becoming a superhero! One supplement you’re sure to [...]

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How to Heal your Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

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I want to start off by being completely honest and making the statement that you might not ever eliminate the antibodies to your thyroid gland one hundred percent. However, you can DRASTICALLY decrease them and have a much better functioning thyroid. As a result, your symptoms will decrease, your entire body will function better and [...]

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How To Best Manage Your Seasonal Allergies

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If there’s one thing that can put quite the damper on your day-to-day living, allergies are it. Whether you have a stuffed up nose that’s making it nearly impossible to breath or you’re sneezing left, right, and center and can barely hold a conversation, it can be quite the frustrating experience. In some cases, [...]